DARA SENDERS x CBS2 NEWS NEW YORK - Some Stores Changing The Game When It Comes To Size Inclusivity

As a fashion designer who has always felt the importance of size inclusivity and has been fully against the segmentation of sizing in stores, I was honored to be asked by CBS2 NEWS New York to speak on behalf of the fashion industry to voice my opinion on this matter.

The Dara Senders ethos is to design beautiful clothing for all shapes and sizes, never segmenting prices between size ranges and always keeping our broad selection of sizing under one roof, never differentiating between them. It has never made sense to us as to why department stores or big box retailers have made fashion sizing and prices so segregated where XXS-XL is in one department and above an XL is in another department. Most of the time on a completely different floor in the back of the store almost implying it is an embarrassment to shop for a larger size. Fashion is fashion and clothes are clothes and both women and men should never feel like they are less important when spending their well earned money for something that should make them look and feel their best! We all have the right to look and feel our best regardless of our dress size.

Thank you to Lisa Rozner, Dave Carlin & Dana Riccardi for this great opportunity.


Dara Senders

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