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All women, no matter their shape and size deserve to feel and look fashion forward, classic, classy and beautiful! This is what American fashion designer Dara Senders has set forth to achieve with the launch of her Lux-Contemporary Women’s Ready to Wear SIZE INCLUSIVE Collection! "Why should women have to compromise looking their best because their physical proportions may not be the same as most fashion label's fit standards? In my mind there is no standard size! All women are NOT made equally and that is a very beautiful thing!”

The Dara Senders brand focuses designing high quality, affordable, smart, feminine and luxurious clothing for women sizes Small – 3X with a curvy edge. “Even if you are petite, you can be very voluptuously curvy! After years of frustration of never finding “plus size clothing” that was made well, fit well, and went along with the time’s trends; Dara set out to create a line of her own.Just because the sizing may be bigger doesn’t mean it has to be cut like a box! Who is shaped like a box? Well, a box!”  After years of research she landed in Paris, France and found a team of highly professional and talented sample makers. You guessed it…Oh La La…The Dara Senders collection is made in Paris offering our customers the best quality a woman can get!

The philosophy behind "Dara Senders" is for women everywhere to simply feel glamorous with a pop of sass, class and fun. - Because all women deserve to feel great at all times!

Dara appreciates that women love to evolve as fashion evolves not stay behind the times because high end designers won’t design for their curvy physique. “Us curvy girls should not have to result to shopping at fast fashion retailers ONLY to obtain fashionable clothing that will only fall apart in a few months We should be able to shop anywhere we want, just like our straight sized loved ones!” Dara's devotion and love for the fashion industry is never ending, allowing her mind to constantly crank out new and exciting ideas in all areas of design.

You may also recognize Dara from her Fashion and Lifestyle Blog The Style Senders. (stylesenders.com) @theStyleSenders

A Native to Union, New Jersey, Dara Senders received her Bachelors of Science Degree from The Fashion Institute of Technology - State University of New York in 2012, where she majored in Fashion Merchandising Management with a concentration in Product Development.

Dara Senders looks forward to reaching and empowering women and girls of all ages with her designs in hopes they feel the love, life, and laughter she puts into every garment designed!

 Photograph by Keegan Keene

Photograph by Keegan Keene